Lutheran Disaster Response: Dayton Tornadoes


Earlier this summer, a powerful tornado tore through the Dayton suburbs, and many have been asking what we can do to help. A representative from Lutheran Disaster Response offers this insight:

"In the first 7 days, first responders, local volunteer crews, churches and social service agencies flood the disaster zone. They do what they do, and then they are usually done. We have completed this phase. In the first 70 days, FEMA, insurance companies and longer term relief moves in; roofs are repaired, trees removed, etc. This is the time we are currently in. But, it usually takes 700 days (2 years) for the area to return to whatever normal is going to look like. This is where the largest need, and the weakest response, is usually found. Lutheran Disaster Response is designed for the 700 days. We come in later than the others and stay until the job is done."

So, if you want to help, you can write a check to All Shepherds Lutheran Church with "Dayton Tornadoes" in the memo line to direct your contribution. We are in this for the long haul!